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Why Steam Wash

Steam car washing is a universally well-accepted technology using high pressurized steam/vapor. The heat and high pressure combined results in a stunning clean while being completely safe on car surfaces and the fragile environment.

Our steam wash technology is 100% environmentally-friendly with no chemical use and very little use of water (5 liters per car on average) without leaving any waste-water or chemicals behind. The benefits of steam technology are boundless.


Exterior Benefits

Fresh Car Paints

Hard brushes and abrasive materials are not made use of in steam cleaning, which helps in keeping the car paint free from scratches.

No Toxic Residue

Harsh and harmful chemicals are not only hard on the dirt and grime but they are also hard on the environment too.

No Streaky Windows

Steam cleaning makes the window clean, smooth and makes it appear as fresh as new. Moreover, steam cleaning removes wax, tar, etc..

Interior Benefits

  • Odours are eliminated
  • Pet stains can be removed
  • Fabrics are cleaned
  • Freshed up easily
  • Surfaces are dried soon
  • Hard areas are cleaned
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